Great product, great feedback!


"Carbon is very lightweight, it was looks not strong, but I crash many times, it have many scratches, but not broken!"

Maltsev, Pavel - Russia


"High quality products with cool design! Can not wait to mount on my bike!"

Savasli, Sezer - Turkey


"excellent products for your Sherco, excellent quality. I highly recommend them, ideal for protecting your motorcycle, also it gives a bolder and more performance to your enduro aspect. Colombia our clients are very happy with the quality and price of products Carbonex."

Valbuena, Julian Andres - Colombia


"Spectacular quality !!!! Brazilian product, far superior to its competitors. Congratulations to Carbonex for gifting us consumers with a great job. Not only do I indicate but I also advise to use it!"

Nunes, Cassius - Brazil


"I recommend 100%, product with high quality and very good service ..."

Ribeiro, Bruno - Brazil

"Carbonex is a top product and approved on the tracks. I recommend!"

Tavares, Leo - Brazil


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Carbonex Carbon Fiber produces high-quality carbon fiber guards for the main bike models worldwide. Since the beginnings of 2015, we have developed more than 150 different molds, with a great satisfaction of our customers. 

In this first moment we will provide these guards in the USA for the 2017 KTM & Husqvarna models (2 and 4 strokes), but if you need any carbon fiber guard for another bike model/year, please contact us, it will be a pleasure to talk to you! 

We use the best raw material available in the market, including one of the best carbon fiber fabrics in the world - SGL Carbon - BMW Group. We also use a high-performance Epoxy resin so we have a great product durability and awesome finish! All Carbonex guards are 100% handmade and developed for each specific bike model/year, with a perfect fitting for the correct bike model described. If you have any question, suggestion or complaint about our guards, please do not hesitate to contact us!